Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coordinating Fabrics... and Boxes...

So I just completed a cross country move... NY to CA.  Well, three months ago now.  I spent the first month just trying to get adjusted to my new surroundings and doing all kinds of exploring.  Now that it's getting colder, and I actually have some free time I have started thinking about my quilting.  So I went into the office I haven't been into for a while and started opening up boxes... and more boxes... and bags... whew!

It's amazing how much fabric you can accumulate very quickly.  I counted about 5 packages of brand new fabric I bought because I liked the fabric and "planned to do something with it."  I found 2 BOM UFO's, 3 UFO's in progress, a quilt kit or two, and lots of random fabric.  I have two or three finished quilt tops waiting to be sandwiched.  I got into purse making and have a bunch of silks and damasks for that.  I have teddy bear fabric in long plush or velveteen pieces.

And, as you can see, my poor little Singer is sitting under a bunch of teddies on the table... waiting to come out of the box... I really have to get more coordinated.  It's a little hard because we're in a rental, and I don't want to really go whole hog until I can properly set up.  Or maybe that's just an excuse to think about this tomorrow... maybe I should take a break and start looking at fabric online...?  Those quilt tops are going to need some backing after all.... 


  1. It looks like you have a lot of nice fabrics to work with. Maybe you get new inspiration when you get it organized!

  2. Lovely to unpack and find things you had forgotten about - like a mini Christmas! Have fun!

  3. hahaha I can soooo relate.....not about the move, but going online shopping instead and leaving the rest till tomorrow!
    WendyB :O)