Monday, August 24, 2009

I Think I Have a Problem

I promised myself several months ago that I would buy no new fabric. Then I ordered something I had seen on another blogger's site from Fat Quarter Shop. The Shop gave me a coupon towards my next purchase. Tempting, so tempting. I held fast, but then they came out with a BOM I just had to have. Which gave me an excuse to use my coupon. Because, of course, you have to make sure you don't run out of fabric when you're making a project.

A week or so later I stopped at one of my local quilt shops "just to look," and, of course, they had a Moda Jelly Roll and some matching fabric in their "scrap bin" that got me thinking of a new project from one of the magazines I had just received in the mail.

I have too many "new projects" to work on and enough fabric to keep me cutting and sewing through this fall and winter. Maybe even until next spring. It's quite the pile. The one shelf on my bookcase that I had dedicated to fabric has now overflowed to another two shelves. So, I've decided I need help.

I think we need an Obsessive Fabric Buyers Anonymous Support Group. I need someone I can turn to who can point out to me that I have too much fabric in my collection, and I need to finish the projects I have started. Someone who says, "Woman, step away from the computer and stop looking at that fabric website." Focus and refocus.

Please, for the sake of my shelf space and my wallet, join me in this cause. I know there have to be others out there like me... new sewers, or maybe some veterans, who can't drive anywhere within a 5 mile radius of their local quilt shop or JoAnn's without thinking, "Well, I do need something extra for the border, binding, backing, etc..." or maybe you are thinking of "just stopping in" to pick up the latest quilting magazine and 2 hours later come home with some fat quarters, a jelly roll, maybe a kit. Come on, I know you're out there.

Won't you join me in this cause? Feel free to snag the badge I made. I would just appreciate a shout out or link on your website in return.

It's not just me.... or is it?


  1. Oh YEAH, I am SO right there with ya! I find myself surfing the online quilt shops, putting all KINDS of stuff in my cart and ONLY very occasionally saying 'you really don't need that' and dumping my cart. Usually I just type in that CC number and click ORDER!! My stash is GINORMOUS but I can always find something else I can't live without! Oh well, better than cocaine or booze, I guess!! LOL

  2. LOL - there is a stashbusters yahoo group where they all vow to use up their stash before getting anymore!