Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome to My New Site!!

I am a brand new quilter. I just started learning to sew, and this is my blog. I decided to create a new site just for quilting since summer is almost at an end, and soon the community photo challenges will be starting up again.

It will be a bit confusing for a time, but hopefully everyone will make the move without losing too many people. For the two of you (Nicole and Allyson) that actually have links to my old blog from your websites, first, thanks! And, second, sorry you have to update your links. :)

This will be just like my old blog page, except dedicated to sewing and quilting as I explore this fascinating new hobby. It started off with a trip to the Amish Country in Lancaster, PA, where I thought "How hard could that be?" to actually learning to match seams and finding out how important that seam ripper is in achieving perfection. I have been inspired by the list of ladies to the right whose sewing helps me to set goals as to the type of quilts I would like to be putting out one day.

So, sit for a spell and enjoy the journey along with me!


  1. LOL a trip to Amish Country - Lancaster PA is what made me really getting into quilting also - and that was 21 years ago! I had done a little before that but when I went there it hooked me and pulled me in :)

  2. My trip to Amish Country-Lancaster PA a few years ago was wonderful. I came home with lots of fabric.

  3. Welcome to Blogland Veronica B! I am involved in the summer mini-swap as well~ Keep up the good work!